Contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges for humanity for decades to come. At the same time, colossal resources that are devoted to combatting climate change by the world community have not yet achieved the goal of curbing the rise in global temperature. Fighting climate change requires a multi- faceted approach that goes beyond reducing emissions and include mitigation and adaptation, nature-based solutions and other sustainable practices to enhance resilience.
Specifically, the Foundation supports the type of projects that so far remain underappreciated by the global community, yet carry an extraordinary potential to advance climate agenda: these are the so-called Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). NBS’s focus on reducing the emissions of natural landscapes from soils, decay products of plants, natural fires, swamps, or the emission from the World Ocean. Their implementation potential is estimated to be enormous, allowing the humanity to add another viable nature-based mechanism in the fight against rising temperatures and global decarbonization efforts.
A prominent example of the NBS projects executed in the Russian Arctic that the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation supports is called the “Pleistocene Park”. Its main goal is to restore pasture ecosystem by reintroducing cattle in the permafrost areas to create a cooling effect on the ground and prevent permafrost from degrading. For more information, please visit: https://pleistocenepark.ru/.

The objectives of the Foundation’s projects in this area include:

  • supporting projects that explore the potential of nature-based solutions in preventing global temperature rise;
  • promoting research and education initiatives in the field of climate change;
  • fostering international cooperation to combat and mitigate climate change, including via such platforms as the G20, BRICS+, and through regional integration organizations, such as the EAEU.

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