Andrey Melnichenko Charity Foundation hereby confirms that the Foundation is not subject to blocking sanctions (asset freeze measures) (“Sanctions”) of the European Union, the United States or the United Kingdom (“Jurisdictions”) in view of the following facts:

The non-sanctioned status of the Foundation has been confirmed by legal opinions issued by an independent international law firm, which can be provided separately.

Tatiana Zhuravleva
Director General
Andrey Melnichenko Charity Foundation

The United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, confirms in General License No. 27 that activities / interaction with Russian organizations to support environmental and natural resource protection, including responsible and transparent management of natural resources, and the remediation of pollution or other environmental damage; international educational exchanges; and assistance for vulnerable or displaced populations are all permitted.

The official hyperlink: https://ofac.treasury.gov/recent-actions/20220419

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