The Andrey Melnichenko foundation
Andrey Melnichenko Charity Foundation hereby confirms that the Foundation is not subject to blocking sanctions (asset freeze measures) (“Sanctions”) of the European Union, the United States or the United Kingdom (“Jurisdictions”) in view of the following facts:
  • The Foundation is not on any sanctions lists maintained by the Jurisdictions.
  • The Foundation is not subject to Sanctions by virtue of the ownership and/or control criteria set out by the sanctions legislation of the Jurisdictions. In particular, the Foundation is not, directly or indirectly, majority (50% or more) owned by and is not under control of any person subject to Sanctions.
  • Projects and activities carried out by the Foundation are not prohibited by Sanctions.

The non-sanctioned status of the Foundation has been confirmed by legal opinions issued by an independent international law firm, which can be provided separately.

Tatiana Zhuravleva
General Manager
Andrey Melnichenko Charity Foundation